False accusations can shatter relationships and lives. Accusations of child abuse are particularly detestable when they’re unfounded. Our clients reached out for a lie detector test in Perth, Western Australia to restore their reputations.

Jenny and Craig’s Story

Jenny was becoming fed up with the constant chaos. She had agreed to look after her mate Marie’s kids after school, as a favour for a week. Two months in, and she was still babysitting them.

Jenny, having a little girl of her own, had thought that two extra wouldn’t be a problem. However, they had managed to wreck the house in the short time they’d been there, and Jenny had had enough. Marie compensated for the damages, but that wasn’t the point. It was disrupting Jenny’s life, her work, and overall peace of mind.

Sentimental Value

It was when her mother’s vase got smashed that Jenny finally told Marie she’d had enough. The vase was part of her mother’s inheritance and it was irreplaceable. Jenny was devastated, but Marie failed to see the significance. That marked the end of their arrangement and their friendship. Jenny felt a sense of loss because they had been friends for years. Marie was aware of how much her mother meant to her, and the vase was the only memento she had left of her. The vase wasn’t merely broken, it was smashed to pieces, beyond repair.

The kids were unruly and no matter how many times Jenny had said no running or playing footy in the house, the kids paid no heed. Jenny never remembered a time when she was allowed to play footy inside the house. Her mother had instilled in her the value of respecting their home and all its contents.

Cold Reception

Jenny began to receive strange looks around town. Friends she’d known for years started avoiding her whenever they saw her. She couldn’t fathom it. She hadn’t done anything wrong, so why was she being treated with such disdain.

One afternoon, while waiting in queue to pay for her groceries, Kitty, an old school mate, confronted her, accusing her of hitting another person’s child while in a position of trust. Kitty stormed out of the store, leaving Jenny wishing the earth would swallow her up. She had never experienced such mortification.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Walking home, Jenny called her husband Craig in tears, and Craig was furious. He was on drinking terms with most of Jenny’s friends’ partners and they had kept mum about the entire issue. He contacted us to schedule a Perth lie detector test to clear the false allegations and booked it for the following week. They had savings for a rainy day and this was a perfect storm!

The polygraph test was organised for Jenny and we formulated the questions based on information the couple provided. No deception was detected because Jenny had never used violence against a child.

Perth Lie Detector Test Results

When the results were out, Craig took them to his monthly blokes’ poker game. Before the game kicked off, he asked his mates to read the results. He wanted to know why they hadn’t mentioned the false allegations. They admitted they didn’t want to get involved but promised to set the record straight when they got home.

Craig was taken aback when his friends decided to contribute the winnings from the game towards the lie detector test, nearly covering the entire cost. Jenny had never been fond of Craig’s gambling, but he was confident she’d understand this time. He was moved by his friends’ understanding and generosity.

However, the polygraph test made Jenny realise who her true friends were, and she hasn’t interacted with any of them since. Rather than losing face, Marie chose to lie about her friend instead of admitting she’d exploited her kindness.

Perth Polygraph Service

If someone has made false allegations about you that are impacting your life, a lie detector test could be the key to restoring your reputation. Our Perth Polygraph Service is available in several locations across Perth, and we also have offices in most major towns and cities across Australia. For a confidential discussion about your specific issues, call our toll-free helpline on 1800 582502. You can rely on our polygraph examiners to uncover the truth, whatever it may be.

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