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“Accredited, Highly Vetted and Affiliated Examiners coupled with a Client Focused Support Team”

Welcome to Lie Detector Test Australia. We are proud to be a leading professional polygraph service provider in Australia. In today’s world, where misleading information and deception are prevalent, the ramifications of untruths can permeate deeply into our personal lives, touching areas from false accusations to family disputes. At Lie Detector Test Australia, our commitment is unwavering in aiding the quest for truth.

Our primary focus is the emotional well-being and trust of our clients. We actively listen, ensuring that every concern is addressed with respect and understanding. Tailoring our approach to individual needs, we aim to comprehend every situation fully before suggesting the most appropriate course of action. We uphold strict confidentiality in all our dealings, ensuring privacy for families, employees, and any involved parties.

At Lie Detector Test Australia, we pride ourselves on utilising the latest and most advanced polygraph equipment. We consistently upgrade our devices to ensure the delivery of the most precise results possible. With a cumulative experience of over 40 years in the Polygraph Industry, our team embodies expertise and proficiency. Every examiner in our roster is meticulously vetted, receiving extensive training and accreditation from esteemed institutions such as the BPS (British Polygraph Society) and the APA (American Polygraph Association). It’s worth noting that the APA stands as the premier international body in lie detector testing. Information regarding the specific APA membership class of each of our polygraph examiners is readily available upon inquiry.

We are Australia’s Leading Private & Confidential Lie Detector Test Provider

  • Established offices in major towns and cities across the country
  • Private and Business Lie Detector Test services available anywhere in Australia at no additional cost
  • Specialised, Skilled and Experienced Examiners
  • Adherence to a Strict Operating Framework and Code of Ethics

Meet Our Experts: The Backbone of Lie Detector Test Australia

At Lie Detector Test Australia, we take great pride in our outstanding team of examiners, who are the backbone of our services. Each member of our team contributes a unique mix of expertise, experience, and dedication to the realm of polygraph testing. Our examiners are committed to ongoing professional development, adhere strictly to ethical standards, and possess a profound understanding of both the psychological and technical dimensions of polygraphy. They are much more than technicians; they are highly trained professionals committed to maintaining the integrity of each test they conduct. Below, we highlight the diverse qualifications, specialized abilities, and steadfast professionalism of our examiners, ensuring that every client receives the highest level of service in polygraph testing in Australia.


Extensive Professional Experience

Our examiners are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in polygraph testing, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill to each examination

Diverse Backgrounds

Examiners at our facility come from diverse backgrounds, including psychology, law enforcement, and forensic science, providing a multidimensional approach to polygraph testing

Continuous Training and Certification

We ensure that all our examiners undergo continuous training and maintain up-to-date certifications, staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field

Ethical Standards Adherence

Our examiners strictly adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that each test is conducted with integrity, respect, and professionalism

Expert in Advanced Interrogation Techniques

Our team includes experts in advanced interrogation techniques, ensuring that questions are structured effectively to elicit truthful responses

Cultural Sensitivity and Multilingual Abilities

Our examiners are trained in cultural sensitivity and many are multilingual, allowing for effective communication with a diverse clientele

Personalized Examiner-Client Interaction

Examiners at Lie Detector Test Australia prioritize personalized interaction, ensuring each client feels comfortable, understood, and respected during the process.

Scenario-Based Examiner Training

Our examiners receive scenario-based training, equipping them to handle a variety of testing situations with adaptability and expertise

Advanced Analytical Skills

Our examiners possess advanced analytical skills, enabling them to interpret complex polygraph data accurately and provide insightful conclusions

Strong Communication Skills

With strong communication skills, our examiners effectively explain testing procedures and results to clients, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Up-to-Date with Scientific Research

Our team stays up-to-date with the latest scientific research in polygraphy, ensuring that our testing methods are grounded in the most current scientific understanding.

Expertise in Forensic Polygraphy

Several of our examiners specialize in forensic polygraphy, offering a depth of knowledge crucial for complex legal and investigative cases.

Code of Ethics

Integrity in Action: Explore our comprehensive Code of Ethics, reflecting our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct and responsibility. Your trust and understanding are vital. Please familiarize yourself with these principles that guide all our interactions and services.

Service Terms and Conditions

Understanding the Terms: Dive into our updated Terms and Conditions to ensure clarity and transparency in our mutual engagement. Your trust is paramount, and we're committed to maintaining it. Please review these terms carefully to continue benefiting from our services responsibly.

Regus and Lie Detector Test Australia Partner to Offer Polygraph Testing Services Nationwide

We at Lie Detector Test Australia are delighted to announce our new partnership with Regus, a premier provider of flexible workspace solutions. This collaboration enables us to extend our services across Regus locations throughout Australia. This development marks a pivotal moment for our company, and we're eager to broaden our reach, delivering our clients even more adaptable and convenient options. At Lie Detector Test Australia, our dedication lies in offering top-tier polygraph testing services for both personal and professional reasons, ranging from relationship concerns, infidelity,...

Lie Detector Test Australia Operating Framework

Dedicated to integrity and transparency, our Operating Framework at Lie Detector Test Australia underpins every service we offer. From strict confidentiality to cultural sensitivity and data protection, we're committed to providing a trustworthy, respectful, and professional experience. Learn more about our commitment to excellence and trust.