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About PEAK:

The PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center stands out as an esteemed institution, accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA) and also recognized by the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP). Operating under the umbrella of Lafayette Instrument Company, PEAK’s excellence in the field is undisputed.

A testament to the quality of PEAK’s training is the accolades received by their Director, Ben Blalock. Mr. Blalock was honored with the 2017 John E. Reid Award from the APA for his significant contributions in polygraph research, teaching, and writing. He also bagged the 2018 Holly S. Canty Memorial Award from the AAPP for his outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment to the association. Furthermore, in 2020, he was bestowed with the Region V Richard O. Arther Director’s award.


PEAK Basic Training Courses:

Recognized by multiple state and national associations, PEAK is a trusted name for polygraph training. The Basic Polygraph Examiner’s Course, accredited by the APA, is comprehensive and spans a minimum of 400 hours. The flexibility in timelines and schedules ensures that every course is tailored to fit the needs of the class and the availability of instructors. Although the sequence of topics might differ, most courses are typically executed in a ten-week consecutive cycle. However, according to accreditation norms, every basic course will range between 10 to 17 weeks.

Course Fee & Benefits:

The PEAK Basic Examiner’s Course fee is priced at $6,000.00 (USD). This is usually payable before the commencement of the course unless alternative arrangements have been established with the training center. The fee covers all course materials, equipment usage, polygraph tools, and consultations with the staff during the course duration.