Our Historical Sexual Abuse Lie Detector Test is an instrumental service known for its effectiveness in addressing issues of past sexual contact. While the concept of this testing is familiar due to its use in public media, our private service holds the same rigorous standards in a confidential and professional setting.

Client confidentiality is our primary concern, ensuring all our services are performed with utmost privacy. The questions posed during this test can explore a variety of matters such as whether sexual intercourse occurred, the extent of physical contact, and more.

We often assist clients who are already aware of past inappropriate contact but are seeking clarity on the degree to which the contact has occurred. With our service, we aim to shed light on these concerns, providing clear answers and facilitating healing and closure.

Applicability of the Historical Sexual Abuse Lie Detector Test

Our Historical Sexual Abuse Lie Detector Test is designed to address a range of sensitive cases related to past sexual contact. Here are some scenarios where this test can be applied:

  1. Personal Investigations: If you suspect or have concerns about past sexual abuse or inappropriate contact, this test can provide clarity and validation.
  2. Relationship Issues: If there are trust issues or doubts regarding the extent of sexual contact in a relationship, this test can help uncover the truth and provide resolution.
  3. Child Protection: In cases involving allegations of historical sexual abuse against a person with access to children, this test can aid in safeguarding the well-being of the children involved.

When the test is conducted at a residential address, we ensure a suitable room free from disturbances. We recommend scheduling the test when children are at school or making arrangements to keep pets occupied to maintain a calm testing environment.

Common sexual contact questions may revolve around kissing, touching, sexual intercourse, or oral sex. Our experienced examiners will assist in formulating appropriate and explicit questions that align with the context and objective of the test.

We have successfully assisted numerous couples through challenging and complex cases. We encourage you to explore our resources section, where you can find insightful case studies that showcase our expertise and the positive outcomes we have achieved.